Reviews for "BirdBallz"


Although this is rather a very entertaining and fun game..It lacked some mechanincs and possibly more levels and a diffuculty setting
If the game had a little more action to it and less being amusing this would be so much better

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Mechanics could be tweaked.

I found the concept kinda amusing in itself. The game's mechanics could have been better honed, but it was fun for a minute.

Firstly, the worst news - there's some bugs. On my 3rd game, when I crashed into the sea, the game just kept going instead of taking me to the score submission screen.

I reopened the game and on my 2nd game, the bird suddenly disappeared after around 30k points. The screen's still open and it's gone up to 200k with no sign of abating. No clue what caused that.

Anyways, the graphics are cool. Love the rectangles in the bg and the way the sky becomes darker with stars at the top.

Gameplay seemed weak - I felt like currently it's almost a roullette as to how well you do. If you'd maybe slowed down the items and widened the screen, we'd be able to see what's coming up and actually put a little bit of skill into play in navigating around to catch all the seeds and pills...

For me, that makes the difference between a game I'd return to and one I wouldn't.

Also, sometimes the lower part of my body would cross a seed and I wouldn't eat it. Felt marginally unfair.

The audio choice was great and the voice at the start funny.

It has a fun vibe to everything - just seemed to me that there was little way to improve and that irritated me.

Awesome game!

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This is a really good. The graphics were really good and the menu was well made. Great game play and music was good. I really liked how, if you flew up, it would get darker, and if you went down, it would get lighter. You did an awesome job on the game.

10 / 10

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Great work both of you's

Very well scripted toast and superb artwork puzz. you make a good team, keep up the good work.

Edvin responds:


- Toast

Good work puzz!

Great game, awesome art. I'm addicted. :D

Edvin responds:

I know, your code was the greatest in the world lolol.