Reviews for "BirdBallz"


Gotta luv them jucy balls eh :P

Lol, pretty good game, nice Toast (and Edvin)

Fun but limiting

This is a quirky funny game right from the ,start using a bird with giant balls.

Graphics 7/10 The Bird look rather funny with his oversized balls, and the whole game had a look of fun about it. The screen not the biggest worked the bird ,was well drawn. The menu and help are useful. The colors are nice maybe a little dated. It has aged well. This worked and made the game good.

Sound .6/10 I thought the music is good it reminded, me of old video games. The sound went well with the game, it was funny and the sound is strong. It got annoying though after a while ,it looped no varity to it.

The game is fun right from the beginning the controls ,are easy and helpful tips to know what do do. The humor of the bird is obvious he loooed funny ,when he had the bird flu as he went green. The nature of the game was fun you grabbed grain and got a high score, you kept him for as long as possible. Addictive to it was a game you would have fun with a a while.

The trouble with this type of game is, that there is no real challenge. All you do is keep him in the, air for a long as poosible. Pick ups were limited you had little, in the way of options, to choose grain and the anitbodies. It was to hard to pick up objects the screen ,was to close together. I found that it was all to easy to, miss pickups. The music got annoying. No levels or way to progress was a shame. Maybe more in the way of things to do.

Ovreall a fun but limited game.

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This is a quirky little game that has had many similar incarnations. It's nothing new, so I'd generally suggest that we move on. However, I would suggest that you don't need to have a gimick like a huge-testicled bird to 'sell' the game.

The controls needs one major tweak and that would be converting to keyboard interface - mouse is just too difficult, plus you could hold down the key for increased flight time, rather than having to feverishly click the button for altitude.

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It's a funny little game. The graphics are all right and the controls are easy, too. I especially liked that the sky got darker and darker the higher I got.

The screen should be a bit wider, though. It was nearly impossible to see where the next grains would appear, so it was a bit like gambling.

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I personally didn't like it.

Animation/Graphics - I couldn't complain or find anything wrong with the animation or graphics. They were all done pretty well and everything seemed to run smoothly together.

Story - This is really what I didn't like about the game. I know that it's hard to come up with an original game, but I've played sooo many games like this that it's hard to come by one that is any fun or exciting in anyway unless they add something really new to the table, which I didn't think this one did. The controls were easy to use, but I found that there were a lot of glitches in the game as a whole. Times where I would fall uncontrollable or even times where I would disappear in the game. I would then have to restart it. This made the game not so fun to play.

Audio - Something else that I can't complain too much if at all about. Good job all around here.


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