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Reviews for "[SxHx] TheSkyBegins - Windows"

Au Contraire;

I actually love Punk. This is pretty incredible, and your mastering is awesome! :D

shesmackshard responds:

Thanks man! if interested, I'll PM you the original so you can hear the difference :D

but Ill also throw the link here

great beat and lyrics

from a genre i usually don't listen to this is pretty sweet man... i can tell you put alot of dam work on this... keep it up bro

shesmackshard responds:

Thanks and yeah I did! One of my best productions if not my best

DUDE, HATS OFF TO UR BAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This song has earned a place in my favourites folder!! just love it. i ma drummer, and the drums were'nt easy at all, nor the guitar! but, could have done better if he screamo was like, u know, well worked upon. but still, i love it
\../ \../
\ . . /
\ ' /
U love it

shesmackshard responds:

thanks bro!

holy crap!

i thought i was listening to Escape the Fate for a second their u sound so much liek them keep up the fantastic work downlaoded and favourited for sure!

shesmackshard responds:

thanks man!

great song i love this

exactly what top says
except why the random like screemo it totally threw me off

shesmackshard responds:

because thats what the band wanted to do ;-)

Thanks for the review, and kind words!