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Reviews for "[SxHx] TheSkyBegins - Windows"

Good, Good

Very Funeral For a Friendish though
Screaming could use some work

shesmackshard responds:

Never heard of them, then again I dont listen to this kind of music.

And technically its not screaming, but regardless isnt perfect yeah :)
thanks for the review.!

Superb intro

And then i stopped listening when someone started screaming guttural shit into the mic, thereby ruining the entire song permanently. The lyrics in general do not improve the song since the instrumental backing is of such incredible quality. I would recommend doing something like this and ripping out all the lyrics, because then it would be amazing instead of something I can't bear to listen to.

shesmackshard responds:

thats because you cant appreciate music ;-)

you're not the only pair of ears in the world man, never forget that. And your review is opinionated. Not helpful. (-)

great beat and lyrics

from a genre i usually don't listen to this is pretty sweet man... i can tell you put alot of dam work on this... keep it up bro

shesmackshard responds:

Thanks and yeah I did! One of my best productions if not my best

Au Contraire;

I actually love Punk. This is pretty incredible, and your mastering is awesome! :D

shesmackshard responds:

Thanks man! if interested, I'll PM you the original so you can hear the difference :D

but Ill also throw the link here

Good sh*t!

Really good!
The intro has to be my favourite.
One suggestion would be to use a compressor AND/OR limiter, because it does get quite loud (which is what punk is, I guess?) and then all the sounds just squish together and there's lots of frequency coming out of the audio being played.

Other than that, the lyrics are nice, as well as the beat. The drums are my 2 thumbs up.

Good job, 5/5, 9/10.

shesmackshard responds:

Im not gonna use a compressor. It keeps it dynamic. If I used one, the guitar would duck under the drums (as I used a compressor limiter in early mixes). This is much cleaner to keep a master limiter off.

But thanks for the review :D I dig it as well.