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Reviews for "Live With the Flow, Mama"

Clicked because I saw Johnny Bravo, was not disappointed.
Great art, awesomely representing both characters, but with some minor inconsistency, Johnny and "his" rock are clearly outlined, compared to the rest of the picture. The shadows bugs me too, Zorak's shadow is from different angle than Johnny's.

RonDMC responds:

Thanks! It started as just Johnny and the rock and I later decided to add in the BG, that would explain the inconsistency. (plus I thought the back lit Zorak made him appear more menacing).

A splash of old and new...awesome! Also, do the monkey with me!

RonDMC responds:


Space Dandy/Johnny Bravo mashup? Four stars. With Zorak looming in the back? Five Stars!

Clean lines, great color and I easily recognized the characters.

RonDMC responds:

Thank you! Yeah, I figured Zorak was pretty unknown and it would be an homage to us old enough to remember him.

Ahhh. childhood...

I almost thought that was Captain Commando for a second. (Look it up)

But yeah now that I see it's a Space Dandy and Johnny Bravo mashup I can appreciate this amazingness

RonDMC responds:

Thanks! I can TOTALLY see Capt. Commando from the thumbnail. He's got the star at the exact same place and the same color scheme and everything, haha.