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Reviews for "3d logic"

im sadly stuck

how do u solvr #7 ive been trying and keep geting destracted bye the 1 pink square and the 2 blue and it looking imposable....anyway i cant think well on how 2 solvr it and was wondering if anyone can tell me >_>

Hours of intrigue

I was getting along pretty well through the levels without too much difficulty up until level 16 and got stumped for awhile. I am now up to level 23 trying to get through it, hoping to finish the game to go on to 3D Logic 2. So far, I think this is the most involved and well done puzzle game I've played on NG. Great job!

I do also think the puzzle moves too much at times. Being able to move it with the cursor makes it quick and easy to see the all the squares, but it can be prohibitive at times. For instance, when you go down to click "undo" you can only see one side of the board. I think it would help if you incorporated holding down a letter on the keyboard to momentarily lock the board. My friend purchased a version of this game on his iPad and since you don't use a mouse with it, the board is also static, and you have to drag the board around to see the other sides. After playing the game on both, a marriage of both types of movement seems like it would be the most comfortable gameplay.


Great game.


"YOU WIN"... so what now?


Lvl 17, wow!!!