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Reviews for "3d logic"

Perfect for killing a long time, its an a real ACE

All I can say is that I love how the game has two layers to the challenges, one the changes that come through each stage [for instance number of colors, and how to set it up] and the actual cube layers, starting from 3x3x3, to 6x6x6.

This game deserves its 4.2+ and everyone is correct about this game it is great from very simple in the first few levels to more challenging as you go along, honestly I don't think levels 20 and up were less dificult it is just your mind set at this point kind of gets used to the flow it just come right to you, as for that was the case, I got used to the style and so from around level 24-30 it was a breeze, Definitely need more of these kinds of games

great, but...

this game was amazing, but 2 things need to be fixed:
after lvl 20 it got REALLY easy.
you need to have a measure of the current IQ lvl you achieve each lvl.

fix those are you good.

Best cubic puzzle game on flash

A great mind twister game :).
My inferior intellect cant get past lv 16 so i'll stop here :(
It's a great game that makes u think outside the BOX.

True perfection

This is exactly what I want when I click on a puzzle game.
A simple, yet extremely enjoyable game.
Not too easy; a few levels had me thinking for quite a while, but not too hard either.
This game was perfectly tuned on me, a few times I almost gave up, but still managed to solve the puzzle at last. Where in most puzzle games it's usually way too easy, or too hard.
A straight 10/10.

simply wonderful

I thoroughly enjoy this game. It maintains a great balance between easy and difficult which makes it all the more intriguing! (given I am still on level 23)