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Reviews for "3d logic"

Fantastic game...

I finally beat it, but it took me a couple games. This game is absolutely amazing, but I do agree that the puzzles are either very easy or very difficult. Fun nonetheless. Please make a sequel, this is such a good game.

Awesome but...

It is a very good game but the difficulty is very easy or very hard ( 16/23). There is no in between. I would like difficuly settings.

It was a challenge.

This was a really challenging game, but I managed to finish it. :3 Yay me. lol.

It kind of got frustrated at first, but by the time you pass level 17, they seemed abit easier. Well, for me anyways.

I really loved this game. I recommend it to people who use their brain alot ;D

i liked it

it was pretty fun and i liked it i had trouble on the last one. good job

Like School....

...except fun. Fucking amazing game mate. I managed to complete it, though completely by luck. I've been stuck on level 23 for days, and today I just came on here, decided to go for the most absurd path possible, and hey presto I managed it.
You need to make a sequel man. Or an advanced one for insane people.