Reviews for "Penalty Shootout Junkies"


Fits in perfectly with the world cup!

Graphics - Not really much to write home about, but they all worked and went fluidly.

Style - It's got to be one of the simplest and most addicting penalty shootout games I ever played.

Sound - Great sound effects, great music, and a great cheering crowd background.

Violence - Well the cork got smashed around a bit.

Interactivity - only clicks, but was nice and simple, which made this game as great as it is. The swapping sides part was done well.

Humour - Wasn't really in it but whatever.

I loved this game. Hope you keep making more games.


this game is kinda dumb but also fun i enjoyed punchin the red dude


i like it


man that wasnt fun at all because thre player has slow reflexes and moves when the ai gets a goal you have to speed it up man but i liked the fighting.
o yeah just a hint if you fight the guy at the very end where it says win lose draw punch the guy and start new guy and at the begining he trys to get you while you shoot the ball xp


Its average,it has a slight funness to it,but its not very hard and its repetitive.it was easy on hard mode...it doesnt have any replay value,but its a good game if you are really bored.