Reviews for "Broken Needle Diss"

lulz this is bad

This is completely unoriginal. I've heard this entire song once before back in middle school. Please come up with some original burns before you make a song. I've heard better freestyles.

MYDBoi responds:

Lolz bullshit. unless u can prove it(WHich obviously you cant, cuz i wrote this from scratch) and if theres another track out there exactly alike that i dont know of, then tough luck.


Really good song, but I agree with the others, quality would make it better. Damn this broken needle guy sounds like a bitch, 2nd diss I've heard about him.

Aye man

You killed the flow man and you're right because bn does think he can rap just because he lives in Brooklyn.That kid is a faggot and he needs to step his game up because his lyrics are garbage.

MYDBoi responds:

Thanks man. Yeah, most people think they can because they come from a certain place. And personally. He will never step his game. EVER. He had years to step up and get better. And he still sucks. He just needs to quit.


It go hard. But the quality like u said aint good lol.

MYDBoi responds:

yeah. Hopin to get sum better equipment soon. But for now, i jus use whatever i got.


Ya, quality, but you've heard enough of that I'm sure. Sick track dude.

MYDBoi responds:

Ugh yeah lol. Thanks bro. Good lookin out.