Reviews for "El Despertar"

Can't get enough!

Hooray little black-eyed girl! Pied piper except more sadistic, bloodier, and... cuter. Keep up the good work! I would hug you through the internet if it were possible. but it's not =[. So I'll just snd you good thoughts through telepathy. Do you enjoy vampire zombies? Oh, who am I kidding, of course you do. Have fun with the happy thoughts of fun coming your way!


Lol, don't mess with little black-eyed girls, or you'll be eaten by zombies! This one was less creepy than the others, but I liked it just as much.

pied piper....

...Of death!


Fantastic job! This is epic win.

an added touch

it would be hilarious if the zombies would all start dancing like in Thriller. LOVE (um...not live...) LAST MJ!!!