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Reviews for "-Fantasyquest-"

Another Happy Tune

You never cease to amaze me with strings, the synth pizzicato and your "happytune" felling!
Interesting thing too: The song has "stages" on itself.

Waterflame responds:

:D thanks! ^^

Oh My God You Never Cease To Amaze Me :D

I've got a new song to add to my favorites list, which is already filled with a lot of your awesome music. I could definitely hear some videogame music elements that sounded familiar to me (1:58-----). I don't know how you pull it of, but you keep on making new and refreshing tracks. Please never, I repeat NEVER stop making music. :D It's so, so, so awesome. Damn I always get happy listening to your happy tracks. :D I wish I could rate infite 10/10's, but for now you'll have to do with a straight A, 10/10, 5/5, 100%/100%... you get the point. :P


ps. Are you going to put this on your next album?

Waterflame responds:

Woot! thank you :D <3 who knows?


Awesome as always :D And to top it off it's a loop, I didn't even notice it was looping. I love the feeling of seeing a new track from you, I never know what to expect and it never disappoints.

Fun, awesome, and cute!

It does kind of have a silly little cute "medieval adventure" feel to it around 1:15.
however, it doesn't really inspire me as much as most of your other works do.
sorry X)
i still really like it though!

Great tune!

Wzaah! Great melody man, sure does make you happy while you listen to it! Always loved your tunes, keep this up man! Waitin' for moar. :D