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Reviews for "-Fantasyquest-"

"Fitting with my game, awesome!"

I used this in my experimental game ^^
link: http://www.yoyogames.com/games/144931 -awesome-face-in-happy-land
Credit is given.
I used it as the main song for the only 'testing' level there is in my game for now.
I absolutely loved this.

Very good rythm of a song.

A nice pop style to it. A good song. Nice happy vibe from it. Great job. =D Very good.


downloaded so I can listen offline too ^^
I didn't like the chord at 0:14, though. It sounded like it was missing a sharp or something...but I'm just being picky now. Best song for thwacking bunnies and squirrels evar!!!

Pwning jelly while listening to this...

...would be awesomness. :3

i feel like........

.........i should be killing human sized ladybugs while i'm listening to this.

Great Job!