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Reviews for "ball breaker 2000*"

Love it!

Though I wuld have needed a Pause key, msn you know, and it definitly have the potential to reach frontpage, at least one day

mintonvinny responds:

i got bored of making it lol

Tell me...

Why do i doubt that you made this?

mintonvinny responds:

cause u looked at cows with guns?

Good game, but...

...the ball kept getting stuck in level 6, so I gave up.

Good version.

There are probably hundreds of this type of game out there, perhaps thousands, when making one you need to ask yourself what you are going to do to make yours stand out. Now don't take this the wrong way, I liked you game however there was nothing especially unique about it.

First: I would suggest some music, for games multiple options perhaps taken from the audio portal would be ideal.

Second: it needs something to make it stand out, you don't have to change the way the game in played necessarily, perhaps you could just come up with a unique theme that's, if nothing else, going to sepperate your game from the rest.

Third: it needs to be bigger, increase the dimensions. It's a very small thing to do this but it could make a difference. The more screen your game takes up the fewer distractions people who play it are going to have and the more focused on your game they will be. (Though the degree of difference that this makes does depend on other factors.)

Fourth: it was great for what it was.

mintonvinny responds:

thanks, will do :D

wow breakout

oh, another breakout clone! what a brilliant idea! that's what we all waited for!

no, serious. you are a quite skilled flash programmer. why don't you try to come up with your own game idea?

mintonvinny responds:

i thought of this game, and i like this game so why shouldn't i make one like this.