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Reviews for "ball breaker 2000*"


lots of glitches...everything else is good

Nice one

Its good looking,plays smooth, its got power ups. Perfect

Needs More

This game would be a lot better if you added:
1. More power ups
2. Have the power ups come more frequently
3. More "power downs"
4. Better sounds
5. Add different difficulty levels, maybe change the speed of the ball, or slow down the speed at which the bouncer moves

Otherwise, a fairly fun game that just needs a little mroe work, good job.


Definatly the first time I've ever seen a game like that. New ideas too hard for you?


I'd be lying if I said it was original. And I really don't think you add anything to the original game. I've seen dozens of better arcanoid clones. I must admit I just played till level 4, but at that point the ball got stuck..