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Reviews for "A New Era"

You are a saint for creating this

Luwano responds:

Aw, now I feel even worse for not including you.

OctoClock, eh? Clearly up to no good.

Luwano responds:

HyundaiClock aka OctopusClock aka Clocktopus. But sshh don't tell anyone.

Awesome job man! This is what makes me log in NG every week.

Luwano responds:

What a nice compliment. Thanks!

Honored you took the time to draw me! It can be quite the task!

Luwano responds:

Thanks. I'm not going to lie, you took the most time out of all clocks. Vuvu took the least amount of time btw.

I don't know anything about these clocks, but this is an amazing drawing! I also think I found the 2 b's and the cock joke.

B 1 is a piece of glass, right?

B 2 is written on the scene board, right?

And the cock is placed on the octopus his head haha! :3

Luwano responds:

Haha! The octopus head wasn't intended, that's just a funny coincidence. The actual cock joke is somewhere else. You're right otherwise.

Thanks for your review!