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Reviews for "Bad Dudes vs. Bin Laden"

Are you a bad enough dude to kick Bin Laden's ass?

The best part is the Reagan scene. I like this one because it combines current events with Bad Dudes. The message was also good.

Quite Good

This game really helps...it's real funny, especially the last part where his head flies off his body...Good Job!!!

this game was a good way to vent anger and was fun

thois agme was fun as well as funny it was a good game for pissed off people and i would give it an 8 which i did i liked the ending the mostbecause of how osama dies it was a good game


Its pretty good. fun, too! >:)

bin laden gets crap kicked out of him it is good

any game that promotes torture or ass kicking towards osama bin laden is a certain thumbs up top vote this is short but it gets the point across he needs to be wiped out and so does all terrorism so here is to terrorism free world i know it is a long way off but we can get there if we all stick together and stop it taking away our freedom, freedom is what we live for and we will not stand by an let it slip away god bless freedom for it is a wonderful thing and may all good know of it