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Reviews for "Bad Dudes vs. Bin Laden"

Conflicting emotions

If you had not put the anti-violence message on there, I would have been mad. While the destruction of the Towers was cruel and wrong, it would be just as cruel and wrong to retaliate by doing the same thing. Say it was them...that means that the bombing was in retaliation for the USA supporting Israel, which commits terrorist attacks on them almost daily. And they commit terrorist attacks back on them, and back and forth untill no one can remember where the cycle began.

Sorry for not really reviewing the game, but I'm venting sice I'm so sick of these little kids saying "kill all the Arabs," showing how stupid and immature they actually are.

But anyway - it wasn't too offensive, although I don't find much fun in killing anyone in general.


felt good to kick laden's ass!!!!!!

good game! Wish it had more rounds.

Bin Laden needs to suffer more! thanks for letting us slap him around!!!
Awsome of you to leave the messages about taking out anger on the wrong people. It's really amazing how people are generally pulling together in our nation and internationally.

good job

thanks so muches for saying the things you did in that lil game..... :) i so agree with you. my emotions are overwhelmed with sorrow, loss, hurt,grief,disappointment, pain and confusion; i cant even begin to feel anger. i think STUPIDITY is the thing that kills us most. and acting before thinking can cause more damage. PEOPLE..stop being stupid and stop the madness.

Bad Dudes....Tom, YOU'RE A BAD MUTHAF**CKA!!!

In a good way! (Now all you need is that wallet....lol) This is one of your better Flash games, Tom. I liked this one not only because we got to kill that bastard, but also because it invloved Blade from Bad Dudes! :-) I played that game a lot back when I was (literally) being raised in the Video Game Arcades. Excellent job! "I'm BAD!" ;)