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Reviews for "Bad Dudes vs. Bin Laden"


This game was ok but all you had to do to beat it was click real fast. What kind of game is that!!!
The end was ok when he kicked osamas head off but other than that the game sucked. Shame on whoever made this game shame on you.

Over all this is good for nothing and id rather go play some dress up games and undress angelina jolie or something.

free speech

for one america never was and never will be 'innocent' it was a great tradgedy but you must also realise that america has also been the creators of great tradgedies, not just the recipient.

It was a good game and was well made though.

Good thing you stuck to your roots, i think alot of people would rather kick his ass then see another tribute movie.


the war on terror is old but this game wazz funny

too fuckin easy

it was alright but if u make another one make the fuckin thing harder please


Make something like this again but make it a little harder next time!?