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Reviews for "Deal, The"


AWESOME! my new favorite movie! make more movies!

Nerd-101 responds:

Err...thanks for the encouragment.


Its pretty good, but the graphics sucked.

Not bad

Well, you can tell it's a first flash, but it wasn't that bad. You need to work on your sound a bit more, the sound was really sparse. Try going to flashkit to get free sound effects. There were a lot of places where a sound effect would have made it better. Also the graphics weren't that great. Work on perpective and making the objects more 3-d. But it wasn't bad.


it was alright but it didnt make much sense

Nerd-101 responds:

With the exception of the breifcase beating people up, it made perfect sense...i think..


Original and action-packed. I like how you made the dealer completely black. Nice style there.

However the graphics sucked. Work on that. You have lots of potential.


Keep them coming.

Nerd-101 responds:

I can draw good with pen and paper. I'll probably just trace my storyboard and animate in Flash next time (if i can be bothered.) Thnx for constructive criticism