Reviews for "Aeon."


this might be better if there were less space between loops, but other than that, utter pwnage!

Animith responds:

I realised you're very right about the gap, so I changed it a little so it's more of an actual loop. So thanks for the input! :)

This is great!

I think you looped it nicely. Although it sounds wonderful as a loop, it still has a lot of potential to become a full song. I love the effect with the beat...wonderful job with the panning. It really gives me a sense of atmosphere. The strings sounded nice too. You should definitely add some more to this if you ever get a chance. :)

Animith responds:

I'm definitely thinking about expanding this into a longer piece at some point in the future, it's just a case of working out how to do it well that'll get me stumped for a bit. So just for the moment it's staying as a loop until I work out what to do next. Anyway, thanks for the review! I appreciate the comments :)


The melody is amazing, and the feeling it transmits is epic!, you know, there aren't any bad things one could say about it, it's just an amazing piece, at the beggining I had some difficulty with the part of the loop, but after a little time, i realized it fittes perfectly, while I imagined a scene for this piece, the loop is great, since it keeps the tension and action of the melody. Love it! it has the potential of becoming a full piece, I'd love to hear that

Animith responds:

I'm glad you liked it! I'm definitely going to make it into a full track once I have the time of day to do it right...and think of a way to keep the melody up without it sounding repetitive.
Thanks for the review, as always. :)

Sounds great

This sounds great as a short action loop piece. Don't pay much attention to benyue1978, below. He's just sore that his music was awful (he removed it due to poor review). If you take a look at his other reviews, they're mostly marked as 'useless', too.

Watch out with your staccatos/spiccatos - at some points they suffer from the machine gun effect. The drums could do with a little less treble at points, too. Other than that, really nice and would work well.

Animith responds:

xD Thanks for the advice on benyue. A review's a review, I don't mind getting low scores as long as they point out how I can improve.

I did kinda overkill it on the staccato strings, will definitely turn them down a few notches next time. The drum sound has a pretty mid-frequency sound to it, so maybe the treble came from upping the velocity on them too much. Thanks much for taking the time to review.


There's a lot that happens here with this in a short amount of time. I like when a piece makes me actually think about a scene or what the composer was thinking about when they made it. It feels as though it's a part of a much bigger piece. The only negative mark that I would say is that the drums sound a bit soft in parts but it doesn't take away too much from the piece.

Great work!!!!

Animith responds:

I think I definitely turned the drums down too much at the beginning (Or maybe up too much at the end?) because I didn't want them cutting through the strings; guess I overdid it. And this is part of a bigger piece...that is yet to be written. xD Thanks for sharing your thoughts.