Reviews for "Aeon."

Cool :)

Sorry to ruin your perfect 10 score, and I'm also sorry for taking so long to review back, but here's the review returned for reviewing my song "Land of Kings".
This an epic composition, and although it sounds a bit cluttered and as if it was made in a hurry, that's not much of a problem, since it sounds awesome!

The melodies are great. I liked the contrast between higher notes and lower notes of the strings, and the melodies towards the end were becoming really awesome and epic. Unfortunately, as you already know, this is rather short. I'm sure that this already-awesome submission would benefit a lot if you added at least 2 minutes to it. But still, it works as a loop and although I think it'd be awesome if you turn it into a song, I suppose it's not such a problem to stick with this as it is now ^^. The background depth and harmonization is superb, no problem there :). Well, yeah, no issues with the melodies, loved them!

The instruments are awesome quality, but you said you used East/West, so that's sort of expected :P. Maybe you could add a few more instruments, such as more woodwind instruments, and possibly a little more power on that brass, since I think you kept the strings as the main instrument a bit too much, and I always enjoy classical songs which incorporate a variety of different instrument as the instrument carrying the melody, so possibly when/if you make this longer, you could add some woodwind solos, some parts where the strings skip to the background and the brass becomes the main instrument, etc. But it could be me, I'm a fan of brass :P.

The transitions on the whole are great, but the only transition I don't agree with is the one at 0:29-ish. It seems to skip from loud to soft almost out of nowhere and really abruptly, so perhaps by slowly building the song down you could make a smoother transition to the softer and calmer part. Or you could just remove it and continue with a really epic part, since after that very powerful buildup from 0:17-ish to 0:29, I expected some epic climax, but instead it just skipped to calm, which was rather anti-climatic. Still, other than that transition, transitions on the whole were great ^^. New instruments were introduced well, and the buildups in this song were extremely epic and well-executed, and it's the buildups that shine in this song, IMO.

I can't really say much about the structure since this is a 37-second loop, but it was a pretty good structure. The intro plays, it does a long buildup, skips to soft and does another smaller buildup. There were some anti-climatic parts, but the structure was decent on the whole. Variety was superb, nothing to complain about, since the submission never got even slightly repetitive. The intro was a slight bit abrupt, but that's expected because this is a loop. It was a pretty smooth loop too, although maybe you gave the buildup at the end a tad too much power, since yet again the loop from the powerful buildup to the intro was slightly anti-climatic.

The drums are really impressive. There weren't many different types of drum sounds, but the drum sounds that you had were great and fit well with each other. The drums were also nicely synchronized and lined-up with the melody and rhythm, adding to the powerful and epic buildups thoughout the song. The drums were also very well varied. If I had to say anything about the drums, it'd be that I think that (at the beginning of the loop, mostly) the drums were a little too quiet. Other than that tiny defect, I think the drums are perfect and the drums and melodies seem right at home with each other.

Overall, it's really impressive for a small loop. You had loads of variety in the drums and melodies, the instruments were awesome quality, and the melodies themselves were well done, played along excellent harmonization and background depth. Just a few defects make me give you a 9, but keep up the great work, and thanks again for reviewing my submission! Oh, and sorry if there are any typos, I'm in a hurry and can't re-read my review.

-Review Request Club-

Animith responds:

Well first...wow, thanks for the awesomest review I'll ever likely receive. Don't even BEGIN to apologise for ruining my score or anything crazy like that; given the amount of advice you've given I wouldn't have minded you giving me a 2.

I'm definitely thinking about expanding this into a fuller song when I have the chance to, and if/when that gets accomplished there'll be a lot more instruments/changes between them. I just didn't want to have too many changes in so short a loop in case it just ended up being a little jumpy and cluttered.

I'd have given the brass a more obvious part, but it got to a point where I couldn't think of a way to get it back to a loop-able level, which is why the end transition is so quiet in comparison; I needed to get the song back to a quieter dynamic. Of course the saner solution to this would have been expanding it into a song, but instead I chose to make a trade-off between climax and loopability. When I revisit this I'll definitely give the buildups of the song more justice than they're given here.

And the drums are a little too quiet, but I couldn't seem to get the levels right for the beginning; they either seemed too quiet or they totally dominated over the strings. And yay that this wasn't repetitive! That's always been something of a huge problem for me...though I guess it's hard even for a repetitive person to be that repetitive in the space of 40 seconds :P

Thanks again for taking the time to write this epic review. I really, really appreciate all the advice and pointers you've given.

This is great!

I think you looped it nicely. Although it sounds wonderful as a loop, it still has a lot of potential to become a full song. I love the effect with the beat...wonderful job with the panning. It really gives me a sense of atmosphere. The strings sounded nice too. You should definitely add some more to this if you ever get a chance. :)

Animith responds:

I'm definitely thinking about expanding this into a longer piece at some point in the future, it's just a case of working out how to do it well that'll get me stumped for a bit. So just for the moment it's staying as a loop until I work out what to do next. Anyway, thanks for the review! I appreciate the comments :)


this might be better if there were less space between loops, but other than that, utter pwnage!

Animith responds:

I realised you're very right about the gap, so I changed it a little so it's more of an actual loop. So thanks for the input! :)