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Reviews for "Luigi: The reversed Vine"

Poor Luigi!

Nice story, but a bit too short. Anywas keep it up!

*Luigi shouldn't take mushrooms anymore.*


dde that was really funny exspecialy when luigi threw the koopashell but grew bigger and he cried. but anyway awesome video!!!!! :) :) : :) >:) >:) >:) :O :o :o : o :)


Good and funny! I give you a 10.

On acid or something

This was not Luigi's best of days. First he runs into a pipe, climbs DOWN a vine, meets a girl that can shoot flames, sees a girl Koopa, finds Mario in a dress, tries to eat a shell that makes him larger - it's obvious that he's on drugs or something................
I LOVE IT!!!!!

Very loopy.

Luigi sure ended up in a funny world. :o
I always thought Peach was a fire breather, I was right. XD