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Reviews for "Luigi: The reversed Vine"


That was cool!!!
Though i never have seen a vine go down before, the part where he goes down into that alternative dimesion was cool too!


everything is completely backwards. i wonder what happens when i have a fire flower

*Looks around fast*
OK!!! Here we go
*eats a fire flower and clothes change*
Awww ok i guess not everything is different
*tries to use fire but i throw out 40 shells at one time*


thought 1 milf got game! thought 2 wait...luigi gets turned on by women?! thought 3 go mario :D


So, Luigi got stoned, went to some strange underground land where Bowser and Peach switched bodies, and Mario was a cross-dresser, and Luigi was straight. Also, getting hit by enemies makes you bigger.
Is that it?

On acid or something

This was not Luigi's best of days. First he runs into a pipe, climbs DOWN a vine, meets a girl that can shoot flames, sees a girl Koopa, finds Mario in a dress, tries to eat a shell that makes him larger - it's obvious that he's on drugs or something................
I LOVE IT!!!!!