Reviews for "Luigi: The reversed Vine"


Kinda guessed the prize would be a transvestite Bowser (along with the Mario) since Peach was the enemy. LOL

this is fun!

i'll sure gonna ad this to my favos!

Very loopy.

Luigi sure ended up in a funny world. :o
I always thought Peach was a fire breather, I was right. XD


That was cool!!!
Though i never have seen a vine go down before, the part where he goes down into that alternative dimesion was cool too!


everything is completely backwards. i wonder what happens when i have a fire flower

*Looks around fast*
OK!!! Here we go
*eats a fire flower and clothes change*
Awww ok i guess not everything is different
*tries to use fire but i throw out 40 shells at one time*