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Reviews for "Luigi: The reversed Vine"

Nicely done

But you might want to have removed the gray sprites on Luigi and Mario near the end of the animation (when it was zoomed in), it strikes me as off when I saw those, and ruined it a little.

Funny cosplay sprites.

I know that most of the nusic comes from mario 64, and most of the sprites come from that mario superstar saga. Still, hilarious!

Pretty good little short there. i enjoyed it

Nice job very short but creative..that's just scary...

Poor Luigi.He'll always be the but of mario jokes

hahahah man you gotta wonder if he ever gets out of there.oh an' hey I like the choice of music in this as well.In the begining it was the battle theme for paper mario then bowser's level for the 64 and then boo's feris wheel for the ending.Anyway great flash an' keep doin' what you do!Good luck!(oh and I also saw your latest submission.The one about the rare candy.HILARIOUS!)


Im giving this a 10, because ive only seen the sprites from Mario and Luigi partners in time, Bowsers inside story, and that first 1 for Gameboy advance in one other place. Alvin Earthworm, or watever. Great vid, both of them.