Reviews for "Rage!"


Very nice, i would hope to see a sequal maybe sometime with more stuff. Keep it up, good job.

The game was horrible.

It had potential. The menu was nice, the tutorial well made but the fighting system was complete crap. OK, it's cool that you can get the rage thing and the weapons but what the hell? The fighting was seriously horrible.

Also I had to turn off the sound on some levels because the overlapping sound of the slaughtering of the men was gonna make the damn speakers explode.

Cosmoseth responds:

lets see you make something half this good.

this was a very fun game

i liked the selection of weapons, and the maneuverability. I also liked how you set a certainn amount of kills to get to the next level

great game...

was lots of fun and great music. While playing the arcade portion, after killing about 400 they began swarming like crazy and it began slowing down like crazy so at around 700 kills i decided to call it quits. i'm waiting for them to kill off my character now but the thing is slowing my system down so bad that its hilarious. But still, great game man. Keep up the good work.


great keep up the good work
i voted 0 for sound cause my cpeakers broak while i was playing the game coincidence?