Reviews for "Rage!"

To save me some time, I'm only going to focus on the flaws of this game.

My First Problem is that when you are going through a weapon menu, selecting an item is difficult because the menu constantly scrolls to areas you don't want to and also the weapon menu isn't a way to pause the game. How am I suppose to get out my awesome sword when I'm in the middle of a fight.

The final problem (which is the most common if you ask me) are the keyboard controls. The creator decided Z should be the pause button and X should toss out your weapon. You do realize that attack buttons are A,S (Combat Wise), E (Gun Wise), and C (Rage Power Wise). All of those keys just so happen to be next to X and Z. If you get out your sword to fight and accidently press X, you discard your sword and then you have to go through the stupid menu to get it again. If you are fighting with the sword and accidently press X, you discard your sword and you have to get away from the fight like a sissy just to equip weapon again. Also if you are fighting and accidently press Z, you pause the game and interrupts your fight. I swear, this will happen to you a lot.

But other than that, It's amazing.

I don't mean to bargain, or be demanding, but next time you make another game like this, make sure those flaws aren't there. Then I'll really love it. :3


3 words i luv it

You deserve credit for making something so fun. I appreciate how it just kept going on and on. I couldn't really understand the point of rage mode. It didn't make me invulnerable to anything. I liked the big blue guy. He just seemed so out of place, so it was fun to beat him up.

You could probably make an option for jumping higher. There's that one cliff I can't get over. It helps that the title is so cool. I didn't know a wooden sword could be so good. I was instructed to take it over the metal one!

Man I love the original Rage! It is just spectacular, but started to go downhill with sequels, but still 5 stars for this!

Very nice splendid spectacular stick figure killer game!