Reviews for "Rage!"

Oh yes, I've been always waiting for this day. I finally got to revisit one of my favorite flash game series ever. The combat system is maybe a bit wonky, but considering the time it was made in, it's really great.
The soundtracks are also pretty intense and will definitely keep that blood pressure going.
Anyways, great game, even after all these years! I'm looking forward to check the 2nd and the 3rd part out too :P

I really loved the game when I first played it when I was eight, and I got as far as the last level, but I am thirteen now and I see lots of annoying problems. The combat system is not too good, an enemy can still hit you while unleashing your barrage; and I felt ashamed seeing that I couldn't get past the blue blob of water(?) because of that ridiculous HP bar and the small battling platform.

Brings back memories, but I am a little disappointed.


What is the name of that song in the intro? Did you made it? It sounds awesome.

wanna know some cheats codes?

Everything was going fine....until I couldn't move.