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Reviews for "LL- Locktopia Geographic"

Butt Plugs, rofl

You have a good point there, they DO look like Butt Plugs. Really well done movie.

ClockLock responds:

It is universally accepted. =D Happy Lockday!


Really well done. I really like the Starcraft part.( never played but I really like World of Warcraft) Again nice job

ClockLock responds:

<3 Thanks. Happy Lockday!

Uber funny :D

"Those surprisingly look like butt-plugs" roflmao XD

ClockLock responds:

It's true. <3 Happy Lockday!

One of the funniest lockday flashes

Great job my little clocky tehee

Happy lock day <3

- shyguy lock


it was great, but the scene with winchester and clock in bed, well they should have been having hot x-rated sex