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Reviews for "LL- Locktopia Geographic"

Another great Lock Legion flash movie.

Humorous and well animated.

The LL is lucky to have such great animators like you.

This deserves a 10 and added to favourites.

Great contribution for Lock Day 2006.

This was a great Lock Day flash,i got a kick out of the script and it seemed to get funnier as the flash progressed,there was always an enjoyable scene that was at least remotely funny,overall i enjoyed it very much


good thing it was entered! :)

Good. Funny

Its all good. Liked the video camera effects.

I also liked the 'your ticking again' bit- I remember being anxious about submissions, myself, and getting distracrted when I'm supposed to be animating. In my case I do research for my quizzes and get lost exploring Wikipedia!

Its got some nice touches. I was actually hoping it really was a movie describing the Lock Legion- is there one you would reccomend?

Best Wishes to the LL from the Dragons & Spirits

ClockLock responds:

Ah, sorry for the late response... but hopefully I can explain things about the Lock Legion with an upcoming flash. Lock Day is May 26th, and it'll be out then. Thank you for such positive comments and feedback!


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