Reviews for "Rise of the KoopaKingdom2"

liked the music

I liked the begginning music I thought it was pretty smoot until the part where it started lagging try not to have to many things going on at once that just jutts the performance

dj-Nate responds:

If your computer can't run this at low quality, then I don't think you should be on Newgrounds dude.


Well that was retarted and a waste of my time. Dont bother making the 3rd

dj-Nate responds:

Love you too, buddy.

pretty neat

It was alright, story needed to be brought out a little bit more. The lamp thing was funny.

Flash question though if i may.

SOmetimes when you should background objects moving. The background looked fuzzy and estorted, giving it that 3rd demension feel to it like it was really in the background. I've seen this before but i've always wondered, and can you help me out, how do you make it look like that? You did it with a background and the flying koopas. I'm curious on how to do that and always have been.

dj-Nate responds:

Sure. You NEED to have Flash 8. You select the symbol, and go down to properties. There should be a little button that says "Filters" The rest is self-explanitory. You select the bur filter and modify the settings. Google "filters flash 8" to find out more.

not bad

good job buddy

pretty good dude!

heh heh...i liked how mario had gold grills in the easter egg...anyways, i thought the flash was pretty good and i appreciated the tribute to anchorman that u put in there. except a little longer woulda been nice. cool movie, keep up the good work!

dj-Nate responds: