Reviews for "Rise of the KoopaKingdom2"

not much changed

like my review for rotkk1 the backround music isnt the most important thing out there(example instead of toad falling to rock musictry silence or a light sad sounding peice) a big battle of 51/49 odds like the 2nd ROMTK would be great

words are not needed!. when the wave of koopa flyas came(i think thats there name) it looked like a random placement. if you do another wave try spliting them up into squadrens in formation.

again this could rival ROTMK if you would like more tips just email me ill be happy to help

dj-Nate responds:

Thanks for the tips dude, I'll E-mail ya.

OMG!! this was awesome!!!!

I loved it
the intro really caught my attention.
there wasnt a moment i was bored with it
good job

holy crap dude...AWSOME

3 words

Pretty good

Not the most original, but i guess thats expected for a tribute. :P
Sprite Graphics don't require the most effort, but I have no problem with them, in fact i liked the custom mario walking one, did you make that yourself?
Overall pretty funny, keep this series up :).

theres no lag...

if your pc is fast enough,excellent work bro....love the sprite films

dj-Nate responds:

Thanks man!