Reviews for "Rise of the KoopaKingdom2"

dont have to listen to me but......

you should make where most bad guys lose Then the ones that are left......should use bowsers dead body to create a cyborg Bowser!

To the point loved this movie

Looking better.

It's cool to see when the bad guys from Mario are the star of the series,the sprite animation was really good and nice music selection,hope part 3 comes out soon enough. :)

Better than 1st

Graphics- Nice sprites
Style- Good
Sound- Great
Violence-Not much
Interactivity- those three buttons
humor- I was like "Oh shit" when the toads got killed.
Overall- I like it

Great Movie

This was very good. It could definatly rival Rise of the Mushroom Kingdom. The only thing you should improve on is stuff like the Koopa's combat. Other than that it was fun seeing the battle from the Koopa's side instead of Mario's. Cant wait to see the third.

are you kidding with me?!?

are you really using the "rise of the MK" ideas?!? try to make your own story. then i will give you a 10!