Reviews for "Rise of the KoopaKingdom2"

almost,but not quite

good job i see you put a lot of work into this but with just LITTLE more effort, this would have been great

I'm sorry.

The rock music just -destroyed- the quality of both of these movies. Rock is not for Mario. No no. Also, it was quite short. Otherwise it's okay: I actually did like the action, but there just wasn't enough.

This Movie rules.

10/10 which really means 10000000000/10000000000

cant wait

i cant wait until the last part comes out the reason i didn't rate it is because it's to good to be rated way better then ten out of ten it's more like 1000/1000 you rock at making this stuff i hope you make more movies from your loyal fan DJ-C123


hey its really cool i cant wait until the last part