Reviews for "DBZ 1st Villain"

sfx woulda been nice

its was pretty decent.. i wasnt too wowed but still good none-the-less

acicon-orig responds:

can't find any dbz sound effects. know where i can dwnload em? all i have is from supersonic warriors


that wasn't random, that's how the episode went...
"watch the birdie..!"..


acicon-orig responds:

hehe, "watch the birdie" is what he says in budokai 3. "keep your eyes on the birdie" is what he said to piccolo in ep. 1 of DBZ. pretty observant of you. hehe

It coulda been so much better

Sprite Videos get a bad rep, rightfully so with no zooming in effects, blurs, etc. All anyone wants to do with them is have a battle from one perspective. Also the powering up effects were cheesy. Spice it up a bit more and it'd turn out preatty decent.


acicon-orig responds:

yeah, i know it coulda. i promis i'll make the next one better. i just wanted to make em fight in this one so i didnt put much effort into it. just for fun. hehe


i loved it yo. it was smooth, graphics were great, and you managed to do the exact version of that battle. though i think the ending wouldv'e been a little better if the music stopped and it said "TO BE CONTINUED -inued inued nued ued ed d-"

other than tha great job, hope to see another one