Reviews for "DBZ 1st Villain"

not bad

I like dbz sprite movies and yours was pretty good.
but you could have yoused biger sprites and some better dbz sounds.
Keep working on this and you could make a really good dbz movie.

acicon-orig responds:

makin another one already. i really couldn't find sound effects at the time i made this movie. i'm ripping sound effects for my next movie


Don't take this as a bad score. I gave you four because although it was an alrite animation, you used sprites. Yeah sprites are ok to begin with but you can't really compare it with an animation with no sprites. Try making a short animation with no sprites next time.

Pleasantly surprised

Most dragon ball z movies suck, because they're made of sprites and ppl generally have bad quality movies for DBZ donno why they just do. This however, doesn't suck and even though they were sprites, they looked pretty good. The music was pretty good too. It didnt detract from the movie like most, it actually made the movie pretty entertaining. And you know its pretty good. Keep it up.


LOL, a good introduction to DBZ if you havent watched it.

very interesting

I like how you followed the actually followed the story line of the series of dragon ball z, i voted 4, keep it up dude.