Reviews for "Libera me from Hell [WIP]"


I give it a Ten cause TENGEN TOPPA GURREN LAGANN IS AMAZING.... Well no that is nto the reason i give it a ten cause it is good i don't really no my way around the beats and what not so i can't give you a good feedback but it is nice. Would make the series proud to have this remix. I wish you would have the Japanese voice overs cause the english voice overs are bad... IMO

SonicJ responds:

THanks for the review! Although, I actually perfered the English version for this anime, the voice of the anti-spiral was the voice of the narrator for soul calibur 4, I love his voice :p

Very spiral :)

The beginning is a masterpiece. I hate the "opera" in the original, so I am searching for a remix. However, if it's still a "WIP", IMHO removing Simon's quotes would make it better. Hell, it could even end up on my playlist.
I'm not going to spoil your 10/10, but think about it ;)

SonicJ responds:

You can vote fairly, it wouldn't hurt my feelings. Sadly, this is no longer a WIP so I guess I should change the title to reflect that, I lost this project long ago :(

Takes me back.

You can't really beat the original, but this 1's got the beats. Wish you wouldn't have put the electric guitar in there. It doesn't really fit IMO.

SonicJ responds:

Thanks for the review, you know, listening this just now felt like I could have indeed done a better job, but eh, that was a year ago.

This is better than the original

The beginning is perfect during the middle it was a little lower but at the end picked it up and made back to 10 stars also the voices was a nice touch not that many song up here have voices in them this is one of the best remix i've heard and is the best gurren lagann remix i've heard you know what im gonna watch gurren lagann right now because of this

Best remix I've heard, but it falls apart at the last 15-20 seconds or so. Also, maybe replace Simone's lines with Kamina's.