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Reviews for "Echogenesis"


what can i say? this is great!

quite relaxing, no real sense of urgency, i could just sit back and see how i could interact with the massive world you created.

only thing i can say is that it was.. um. hard to find what i could interact with. might be just me, or the way you designed it, dunno. but who cares! that disappears in the light of this work of art.

keep it coming!


This is really something special. The graphics are marvelous, the music is lovely, the environments are beautiful, smooth movements. I would absolutely love to see something like this be created in far more depth (many more forms of interactivity and instanses of interactivity). Anyway thats not shitting on this particular version. Incredible work, truly an achievement, not to mention perhaps (as another review mentioned) the dawn of a new era in flash.


Absolutely beautiful...

A gift of the sky!

Waouh.... Graphics are magics, great style, infinity of interactivity,a sound who relax my mind... A game very"peace and love game" Very very very good! Great success, I congratulate the father(s) of this game!


this game is so cute