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Reviews for "Echogenesis"


PLEASE!!!!!! i love it, make more!!


That is one of the best flash "games" I have seen In a while. The transitions were smooth and fluid. The backgrounds and animation were superb. The music fit each environment exactly right. Wow. With all those elements you can't go wrong. That is why I give you a Ten. (I only gave Frank's Adventure 4 a nine) Keep up the awesome and innovative work.

'Till next time----------Shadow_fox_ninja

very very very nice

I don't know what else to say, great job on it.

Wired but GREAT!

This was amazing. You got to explore all kinds of locations (even the scary snowy kind). Great fun.

Bloody hell.

This gets a five for the audio alone. The piano piece/progression with the deer was beautifull. Did you produce the audio for this yourself?