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Reviews for "Echogenesis"

This is f*cking ART! :)

Although it lacks in the entertainment area, the Sound and Graphics are awe-inspiring. I would recommend making EVERY animal and insect at the very least touchable, such as the lizards and the spider and whatnot.
Anyway, I really look forward to seeing more in this genre.

Creative, unique and visually pleasant...

Yet, it's not something that would be very interesting as a stand-alone item. Perhaps as a screensaver or a website, but not really as a "game".

Good job

Sorry, I wrote your review accidently on a different submission, so I'm all out of nice things to say. I did like it though, good job.


there's got to be an awful lot of work in this! incredible!

Awesome Graphics!

The graphics were awesome here, not just the environments, but the menu too. But there isn't a large amount of interactivity overall.