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Reviews for "Echogenesis"

very cool

very unique idea and creative flash. its very different from the other things on the portal, so this was a neat little change. you are a very talented flash artist

a fantastic beginning

i got really excited when i saw this on the front page, its so cool to see something totally different on the front page. everyone is bitching and moaning about there not being any point and i can see their arguments with all of the stimulus overload you get here.

the art is stellar, the animation is stellar and the concept falls just short of that. i know everyone is making suggestions so i'll throw mine in, you might consider what games such as these of the past have done where it is slightly more linear but where interactions leave lasting important results on the environment. what would happen if you bounced the frog and a bird caught and ate it? would it change something else in the environment? and how would that change affect the other ones?

ok i'm done. wonderful job. looking forward to more.

Oh my God

That was so cool. Words cannot describe how cool I found that, so I won't even attempt to. What I will attempt is to do something similar myself, but I couldn't possibly make anything as skillful as this in a long time. The only improvement I could suggest is to have more. Possibly track sets that number more than three. Anyway, very, very well done.


Thats amazing, Just to roll the mouse over lizards so they change colour or roll the mouse over fish to make them move out of the way.


i personally find the ocean scene most relaxing. i was wondering though if anybody knew where i can get some good audio streams of just sound effects from under the ocean surface? that would be awesome!