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Reviews for "Echogenesis"

i loved it

it was sooo peaceful, very moving, the only ppl who shouldnt respect this are ppl looking for violence.... but i loved the music and the tranquility of it. its a work of art.

As a flash very good, but...

i dont like the idea of the real world being turned into a vertural one.
i think an Sci-Fi version of this would be amazing beacuse it would allow you to go somewhere relisticaly, where u wouldnt be able to go before,
i might be being fussy but i think its better to go to places we can accualy go to and dream about the ones we cant.


Great work. As you said, its not a game, but its very good. Haven't seen something like this before. I wonder if you could make a "real" game out of it. Would be very interesting to know....

very nice

A bit boring, you need some background music, maybe some extra colors, etc. but still very good


I love this game. It's awesome! Dont listen to that jackass, he just cant appreciate good work.