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Reviews for "Echogenesis"

truly amazing

you get a 10/10 5/5 this is beautiful the music is nice but they get abit annoying after awhile sence there looping the graphics are amazing the animals to i was really amazed by the ocean all you have to improve is the music overall wonderful interaction

simply amazing

that was great, you not only brought in visual and audioble (not sure if i spelt that right)enviroments , but a great interactive side to it, u attack almost all of the senses (all you need is something to make us smell, and taste the area) good job man very good job....ur very talented, This may sound like asking to much but make more interactive things, and btw I LOVED how the music was affected by the things you did.....just next time try to make more lol.....ALL my 5's


I graduating from school just so I can learn even more............well anyways good job.

All my 10's r belong to this!

It's projects like these that tell me to reserve my 10's. The grafics were beutiful, it was streamlined, and it had nice interactivity. The one thing it lacked really was an objective. It woulda been nice to have something along the lines of Zelda trading. You shake the tree to get an acorn, to give to the owl to weight it down and give antlers to the fawn to playfully try to buck at the weighed down owl. Stuff like that wich would just stack and stack, and alot of it would give it a very nice feel. All in all really polished though, for what you set out to do, it couldn't have been better in my opinion.



Nice work