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Reviews for "Echogenesis"


That is one of the best flash "games" I have seen In a while. The transitions were smooth and fluid. The backgrounds and animation were superb. The music fit each environment exactly right. Wow. With all those elements you can't go wrong. That is why I give you a Ten. (I only gave Frank's Adventure 4 a nine) Keep up the awesome and innovative work.

'Till next time----------Shadow_fox_ninja

very very very nice

I don't know what else to say, great job on it.

Best Game ever

I really enjoyed this game, i thought it was very interesting to hear the alterations to the music when you interacted with the creatures and objects, the idea of the game was very well thought out as it was left simple there was no story or objectives just click and watch the magic happen really, the only thing that was slightly wrong about it was that you didnt have alot to o once you had interacted with all the environments you could only keep playing for another 5 minutes before it gets repetitive, more interactions would improve the game drastically, this is my No 1 fav newgrounds submission, Well Done

Almost perfect.

I love these type of things. I feel really calmed down now.

Bloody hell.

This gets a five for the audio alone. The piano piece/progression with the deer was beautifull. Did you produce the audio for this yourself?