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Reviews for "Echogenesis"


i think that this game is kinda trippy when you play it, but you got to be high for it to wark lol

Original and cool.

It's a great idea, it's really original. It's a game to play if you want to get away from the thousands of action and shooter games on NG. All you need to do is add more environments and voila, the ultimate stress reliever!

Very Original

Although there's no point in playing this because there are no goals or objectives, it's highly original and unique. Great job.


It would be cooler if you could plant stuff and grow things

o and to stick diffrent animals in diffrent "Biomes" and see how they react and i think all you other people would agree

but good game. :)

I liked it

that was really intuitive and original, i liked it. if you could make a couple more things interactive i'd like it even more :) for example it would be cool if you could rip off a branch from a tree and the deer would start eating the leaves once you set it down, just an idea