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Reviews for "Echogenesis"

damn good work

wow good job, but i would recommend putting more stuff to click on other than that, its very good

Amazing Potential

You obviously worked very hard on this and it definately shows. The music was incredibly atmospheric and It was cool that you were able to interact with thing. This game reminded me heavily of the Myst series. With that in mind I dont know which direction you might have wanted this game to go in, but I think if you were to add more interactive objects and gave an onjective of some kind, essentially turning it into a Myst-like adventure game, it'd be one of the coolest game submissions on this site.

this is WAY better then Rubeyes kids

Seriously. Hope you guys get the monthly prize. Great job.

Original concept

The idea you have here is great! Moving from one enviroment to the next is truely original. Just needs a few more enviroments and a few more things to interact with. Other than that it's great! Hope to see more added to it! Very nice job! Keep up the good work.


pretty cool is all i can say, nice work