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Reviews for "Echogenesis"

Awesome Graphics!

The graphics were awesome here, not just the environments, but the menu too. But there isn't a large amount of interactivity overall.


pretty good

it was good i liked it but it was a little short overall good job

Deeep Deeep Relaxation

I thort that the combination of sound a vision had a profound relaxing effect. It was brilliant, if a little short lived as all interactive components were exhausted after 10 minutes.
The animaton was very good, completely suitable so as not to overstimulate. The audio was perfect although i found the music switch from area to area made me uncomfortable once i had become mentally adjusted to the serenity of the area.. Overall i gave it a 5!

All my 10's r belong to this!

It's projects like these that tell me to reserve my 10's. The grafics were beutiful, it was streamlined, and it had nice interactivity. The one thing it lacked really was an objective. It woulda been nice to have something along the lines of Zelda trading. You shake the tree to get an acorn, to give to the owl to weight it down and give antlers to the fawn to playfully try to buck at the weighed down owl. Stuff like that wich would just stack and stack, and alot of it would give it a very nice feel. All in all really polished though, for what you set out to do, it couldn't have been better in my opinion.


Creative, unique and visually pleasant...

Yet, it's not something that would be very interesting as a stand-alone item. Perhaps as a screensaver or a website, but not really as a "game".