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Reviews for "Echogenesis"

Dull, pretty, funny, cute etc.

A bit dull, but pretty nice to wacht.

Not enough

like XavRahmir said, no objective in the game makes the game a bit dull. nice graphics and good interactivity but lacks a reason to play.

new experience

i actually didnt blam this because of one thing, its a nw experience newgrounders dont see very often, the music was very nice, and the graphics were all there. good job

chokes on its own goals

The lack of any sort of goal is what kills this submission. There's not nearly enough to do and no real reason to do it.

ummm...... ok.....

it was very strange i dont even really see the point in it..... i mean to some it up all you do is move your mouse around until something moves..... it was really boring