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Reviews for "Echogenesis"


I didn't like the idea that much but it was something different and for the perpose you made it it was good I think...

Great Style

Kind of a good idea but overall it is boring. It looks, sounds, and interacts good though.

It Was Okay

It had a pretty cool ambient feel to it but other than that it was just okay.


I really like this. Interactive environments, very serene, and basic but fitting music. The timer to move from area to area was very nice as well, because otherwise I would have accidentally kept moving around.

I always gotta be critical though, because you can only get better by seeing where things went wrong. Backgrounds were idle, minor movements atleast would have made it more interesting. The number of things to actual interact with was very limited, and the responses were too similar as well... By this I'm refering to things such as the birds in the marshy area. All three birds simply fly into the air, and then land. Adding audio respondes to click would be a good idea too (but try not to make em too long, some artists don't know when its time to stop, lol).

Overall very smooth and relaxing, just not quite the depth I wish it had.

Wired but GREAT!

This was amazing. You got to explore all kinds of locations (even the scary snowy kind). Great fun.